Center Console Common Dimensions for Shipping

Center console boats range from 15' – 42' in length, but the overwhelmingly most popular length is 26' and under. It is important to know the dimensions of your center console, so you can get an accurate estimate for shipping. Don't forget to include the height measurement of your vessel. The height of your center console is very important to the route planning for your transport, and the allowances aren't the same in every state. The boat shipping experts at Nationwide Boat Shipping will make sure your center console is safely shipped to the U.S. destination of your choice. Whether you need a center console boat moved to your new home or need to ship a new center console that you purchased online, our boat transport specialists will give it the care it deserves. Call (800) 352-8475 to talk with one of our logistics professionals for a free no obligation quote today!

Shipping Your Center Console Boat

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