How to Ship a Ski / Surf / Wake Boat

There are many things that have to be done before your ski boat or wake boat is loaded onto the trailer for shipping. First, the bottom of the hull has to be thoroughly cleaned. Some states have very strict laws regarding what is introduced to their ecosystem, so your ski or surf boat may be inspected. Then, the loose parts must be removed and packaged separately for safe shipping. Shrink wrap will protect your wake boat from weather and road debris during transport. Only then is your ski boat ready to load onto the trailer; this can be quite tricky for the novice. Whether you are traveling for an hour or a day, you want your ski or surf boat to receive the best care possible during the shipping process. At Nationwide Boat Shipping, we specialize in the transport of ski boats, surf boats, and wake boats. Our experience in dealing with the shipping of smaller vessels means that you get top-of-the-line services from the experts, no matter how far you are going. Call (800) 352-8475 to talk with one of our logistics professionals for a free no obligation quote today!

Shipping Your Ski / Surf / Wake Boat

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