How to Ship a Deck Boat

Deck boats are a wonderful way to get the whole family out on the water. Longer than a bowrider, you can take up to 14 people with you for a day of sun and water fun. Shipping your deck boat can be a bit tricky for the average boat owner. Before shipping, the wraparound windshield and other extraneous parts will be removed and packaged separately for shipping. This protects your property from damage and helps your deck boat fit within the height allowances, either 13'6" or 14', depending on what state you are transporting your boat. The professional boat transport specialists at Nationwide Boat Shipping know how to ship your deck boat properly, to ensure its safe arrival. If your boat exceeds the state height allowance, we will supply a pole car to travel with it. Call (800) 352-8475 to talk with one of our logistics professionals for a free no obligation quote today!

Shipping Your Deck Boat

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