How to Ship a Sportfishing Yacht

Transporting a sportfishing yacht can be very intimidating for the new boat owner. There are more steps to the preparation of shipping a sportfishing yacht than a smaller vessel. For one thing, the size of a yacht makes it automatically more difficult. The height limit is 13'6" in some states and 14' in others; yachts, even after all parts necessary are removed, exceed the normal dimensional limits. Height is also important in the route planning for your yacht transport. The professional transport team at Nationwide Boat Shipping have the experience needed to take care of an oversized boat transport easily. We will take care of getting all needed permits and escorts, too. We can haul sportfishing yachts of all sizes to the destination of your choice and save you the worry. Call (800) 352-8475 to talk with one of our logistics professionals for a free no obligation quote today!

Shipping Your Sportfishing Yacht

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